Project One (Poses)

okay last part of the the follower gift, just 4 simple poses. I was shopping with my best friend and saw these posters in front of True Religion, and I just replicated them in pose form haha.

Pose list compatible, codes: a_simchology_one_01 - 4

Hope you guys enjoy <3


Project One (Rolled up Tees & Sweaters)

Part 3, some tees with rolled up sleeves, and sweaters! :) There are 6 tees and 6 sweaters, again recolorable. The mesh credit goes to Darko and Moddish Kitten.

Hope you guys enjoyyy! :)


Project One (Jumpers & Leggings)

^_^ part 2 of le follower gift.

There are 5 jumpers and 5 leggings here. Mesh credit goes to Sentate and Orange Sim. The jumpers are recolorable! The leggings are not lol. 

Enjoy la~


Project One (Dresses)

So the name, I don’t even know, I was listening to You Da One and apparently got inspired lol. Yeah I really don’t know -__-”

Anyway, this is part 1 of my Project One as a follower gift. There are 6 in total… Mesh credit goes to Juliana. Have fun with these guys, they are recolorable!

Hope you guys enjoy!!


1 Week Hiatus

Hey guise! ^_^

I will take a week hiatus… I’m going on vacation to Sea World and Universal Studios in Orlando! Aaaaaah I’m SO excited, I’ve never been :)) It’s going to be my 4th year anniversary so I’m very happy. 

Also, I reached 2,000 followers (thank you guys btw, I love you!) and so I will be releasing 4 gifts (which match the number of my anniversary lollol I’m so lame).

While I’m gone… All posts for the next week or so will be queued. I might peek at your simblrs here and there though huehuehue… I hope you guys like the gifts (I stayed up all night preparing them ;___; that’s how much I love you guys okay).

MUAHH! <3333


Marvel :)

… and it’s a girl!

Her name is Marvel :3

I just changed her outfit and she decided to have her baby.

During full moon too >___>

"Is your sliders folder download up to date? I heard that some slider's don't work with the newest EP, so I'm looking for a folder with sliders that do work. I hope I'm not bothering you..."

Hmmm I don’t know if they’re up to date but they work fine with my game and my game is up to date :)

"What do you think about the sims 4?"

Hi nonny! I’m SO excited for the sims 4 haha :) at first I thought it was gonna suck, but after seeing the trailer, I think it’s going to be awesome ^_^